OT For Adolescents

Not surprisingly, the road to adulthood can be rocky.

The transition to adulthood can invoke feelings of uncertainty and even fear about the future. As parents/guardians, you may see your child struggling with this transition; having difficulty carrying out specific tasks or activities independently. You may be wondering if your son or daughter can manage without you.

Áine can help analyse why you or your child may be struggling. At OT For Life Áine helps children of all ages abilities to maximise their potential through assessment and intervention. Áine can help develop the necessary skills to become more independent in daily activities at home and at school.


The first stage of the process is the assessment. Here are some common reasons for assessment for an adolescent:

Developing independence with life skills: Needs adult prompting to start and finish daily tasks; procrastinates on tasks more than his/her peers/siblings; underestimates how much time a task will take and can lose track of time easily; easily distracted; poor emotional regulation.

Addressing organisational skills: constantly losing belongings, disorganised, poor time-keeping, needs adult prompting at every stage of a task, often last minute with projects and needs lots of adult support to get it in on time.

School/University challenges: resource/DARE application assessment, handwriting difficulties, and environmental and assistive technology assessments. Not achieving his/her potential in school and his/her results do not reflect your child's true capacities; poor study skills.


Áine will use the most suitable approach to address your child's needs. The emphasis during intervention is to coach parent(s), education staff or significant others who are the key people in your child's life. This will greatly enhance the therapeutic benefits for your child:

The adults in the child's life and your child gain a greater awareness and understanding of the identified needs. When the adults recognise the child's strengths and challenges they can match appropriate activities to help develop the child's independence, confidence and skills.

Understanding the child's needs can provide a greater insight into the child's behaviour and this can help to minimise or prevent behavioural reactions to the environment or activity.

Áine will design a programme that details how strategies can be integrated into the home/educational setting. This allows your child to develop and master skills that are required for self-management and independence with tasks and activities.

Review consultations can be provided as necessary. Consultation sessions will facilitate and assist, with setting and achieving goals and targets, related to daily activities, habits or behaviours that need to be addressed.

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