OT For Adults

Achieving success in your everyday life

Many young adults face challenges with social interaction on a day to day basis. Others lack personal efficiency and organisation and struggle with time management. Some have difficulties completing daily activities, finishing tasks or chores or lack confidence and self-esteem to engage in the activities required of them.

Áine can help.

At OT For Life Áine helps young adults of all abilities to maximise their potential through assessment and intervention. Folowing a full assessment the emphasis is to consult and to coach; facilitating the development of skills and effectiveness in the chosen or essential daily activities.

Coaching is a powerful tool and will help to gain a greater awareness and understanding of strengths and difficulties within the young adults life. Working together Áine can help develop the necessary skills to become more independent and confident in daily activities at university and at work.


During the assessment process Áine can help to identify what goals a client would like to achieve or develop. The assessment will explore and focus upon the specific skills that are impacted one's ability to be independent and confident. Common reasons for an adult assessment are issues with: time management, organisational skills, procrastination, project completion, and stress related to these challenges.


The emphasis during intervention is to coach the client so that they gain a greater insight into their behaviours, strengths, and weakness. Once we are aware of the exact skills that impact our independence and efficiency across all environments, we can target these skills. Áine can assist in setting explicit objectives so that the client develops strategies to overcome their everyday challenges.

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