OT For Children

Does your child need help to reach their full potential?

With an expert understanding of child development, paediatric conditions, and health across the lifespan, Áine will analyse why you or your child may be struggling to carry out specific tasks or activities. Following this an individualised treatment plan will be devised to address your specific priorities.

At OT For Life Áine helps children of all abilities to maximise their potential through assessment and intervention. Áine will help develop the necessary skills to participate fully in daily activities at home and at school.


The first stage of the process is the assessment. A full assessment typically takes 2-3 hours but can be broken down into shorter sessions if necessary. It can take place in the child's home or their education setting.

Once the report is complete a feedback session will be completed with the parent(s)/guardian(s) to discuss the findings of the report. Common paediatric difficulties an OT assessment can address might include:

Self-regulation/sensory processing difficulties

Gross motor skills

Fine motor skills

Handwriting difficulties

Visual perceptual skills

Self-care skill

Organisation skills

Following the individual assessment, Áine will deliver an assessment report which includes recommendations and guidance on where to begin, and how to support the child across all environments. Once the report is complete a feedback session will be completed with the parent(s)/guardian(s) to discuss the findings of the report.


With the assessment complete Áine will devise an individualised treatment plan to address your specific priorities. Áine will use the most suitable approach to address your child's needs. The emphasis during intervention is to coach parent(s), education staff or significant others who are the key people in your child's life.

Áine will suggest how to make changes to the person's environment to enable participation in activities, develop specific activities to build skills, or devise strategies to support participation in everyday activities with greater ease and confidence.

This intervention will help:

To gain greater awareness and understanding of the child's needs.

To gain a greater insight into the child's behaviour

To help to minimise behavioural reactions to the environment or activity.

To give the child a sense of control and independence and home/educational setting.

Regular reviews, devising new activities or therapeutic advice can be scheduled at request of parent(s)

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