Áine provides highly accessible clinical supervision sessions, helping to keep your professional knowledge and skills up to date in line with regulatory standards.

Are you a team leader or manager of allied health professionals in need of external supervision services to support your team?

Are you an occupational therapist that wants to enhance your professional development?

Then clinical supervision services can help you achieve those goals.


Why do we need supervision?
Occupational therapists are mandated to maintain their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) - that is to say, they are obliged to “maintain and improve their knowledge, skills and competence, and develop the professional qualities required throughout their professional life” (CORU, 2013). Clinical Supervision is an essential component of an occupational therapists practice (Martin, Copley and Tyack, 2014), it provides a means for the therapist to monitor and maintain their professional competence while continuing to enhance their professional development (AOTI, 2010).

“Through clinical supervision I provide a space where occupational therapists can reflect upon their practice. For almost a decade, I have developed expert supervision skills, which are backed up by a further 20 years of practice and research-based experience”.

Given that reflective practice is an integral part of supporting the normative (accountability), formative (learning) and restorative functions of clinical supervision, an effective supervisor should be adept in the key competencies and skills that underpin a constructive clinical supervision partnership. I use a relational approach to attend to the development of the supervisory relationship and to ensure a partnership based on trust is formed.

Clinical supervision will provide you or your organisation's occupational therapists with the opportunity to reflect on and review their practice, assist in professional and personal development, and in turn contribute to job satisfaction, increased staff retention and quality service delivery.

Through clinical supervision, Áine will help you to:

Discuss individual cases in depth

Develop new understanding and apply new meaning to situations and scenarios

Support deeper learning via facilitative reflective practice

Support and challenge you to respond differently

Review professional standards

Ensure that you are working within professional codes of conduct and boundaries

Plan and manage your resources as effectively as possible

Keep up to date with developments in your profession

Keep up to date with the latest evidence-based research

Identify training and continuing professional development needs

Áine will provide all the necessary paperwork required for clinical supervision. A supervision log will be provided to record your supervision engagement in CPD. Supervision can be tailored according to your needs – with weekly, monthly, or occasional sessions as required.

Supervision can be provided on a one-to-one basis or in a group setting; in person, over the phone, or online via Zoom, Teams, Skype, etc., scheduled at mutually convenient times.


Áine has facilitated my clinical supervision since December 2018. She has provided me with excellent guidance and support in relation to my clinical caseload with a complex group of patients including older people’s rehabilitation and specialist neurorehabilitation. Áine’s expertise in relation to...

“excellent guidance and support”