I have accessed supervision with OT for Life for the past year but have been in clinical practice for almost 10 years. I can honestly say that I have never had supervision like this before and my expectation of supervision is forever changed by my experience with Áine.

Áine uses a relational approach to create a space which feels safe, non-judgemental and positive - and this meets my needs at the time, whatever they may be. I find that Áine strikes the balance well between being a listening ear and offering space to debrief, while at other times being more structured and practical. She has also provided me with some great advice at times when reflection does not cut it and I need some wise counsel.

Áine is grounded in clinical experience and she really ‘gets’ what it is like to work in this line of work, even though we come from different fields of practice. However, we don’t spend a lot of time on clinical matters as I feel this need is already met within my team. Instead, I have found our sessions are most helpful when I can use the time to offload a bit. This was not something I could articulate in the past, but I have found new confidence in naming this as a need and being able to justify this time spent on processing and reflecting. I have worked through many things this year including managing complaints and conflict, dealing with stress, realigning my work life balance and advancing my career. I feel that I am ending the year in a better place and I credit a lot of this to the guided reflection and learning I have gained during supervision.

Áine provides an effortless framework for debriefing so the discussion feels productive and positive. This is exactly what I need at times of stress, when I cannot see the wood from the trees! Supervision enables me to reflect process and structure my headspace, which makes me a better practitioner. I leave supervision feeling as if I have had a breath of fresh air.

Supervision with Áine is evidence-based and, most importantly, it feels like a valuable investment of my time when there are so many priorities competing for my attention. It is a regular check-in with myself, a chance to step back, regroup, simplify and focus.

Senior Occupational Therapist

I am a Senior Occupational Therapist working within a Disability Team and have been receiving professional supervision from Áine O’Dea since 2016. Prior to this, I worked alongside her as a colleague. My experience of Áine has always been and continues to be of an enthusiastic and committed worker with a hunger for knowledge and a drive to be innovative in her practice. Her focus is always on providing research-based intervention that is centered on helping her clients achieve their goals and reach their optimum potential.

Since engaging in professional supervision with Áine, it has provided me with even further insight into her many qualities. Áine has a sharp eye for detail/precision and with her strong backgrounds in both research and intervention alike, coupled with her respected clinical knowledge and her analytical skills, these qualities ensure that the professional supervision she provides is to a superior level. Áine ’s respectful and non-threatening manner ensures that she draws on the expertise of her supervisee, guiding them through clinical discussion and collaborative questioning to provide a very solution focused approach to issues identified during supervision.

In a very subtle way, Áine uses her skills to challenge the supervisee’s assumptions, thus providing clarity and greater insight which always contributes greatly to continued professional development and advancing clinical practice skills.

I have benefited immensely from Áine ’s supervision, questioning and encouragement and would have no hesitation in highly recommending her service.

Áine has facilitated my clinical supervision since December 2018. She has provided me with excellent guidance and support in relation to my clinical caseload with a complex group of patients including older people’s rehabilitation and specialist neurorehabilitation.

Áine’s expertise in relation to up to date evidence based practice and her passion for learning has provided me with invaluable support in relation to my own continuous professional development, learning and reflection. Áine has supported me to develop my skills as a senior OT and has provided me with expert guidance in relation to service development projects and staff supervision.

Áine has brought a superb balance of challenge and support to my supervision sessions and I have greatly valued her input.

Senior Occupational Therapist